Do you provide free quotes? 

Due to the varying nature of work, it is difficult to quote an exact figure however, we are happy to provide an indicative quote based off hourly rates.

What is the minimum charge for a job?

General labour, handyman and property maintenance is based on hourly rates. Earthworks is charged at a 4 hours minimum, plus float.

What is a float?

Float is a standard charge for transporting a machine from our yard to your site and back again upon completion.

How much will it cost me for waste removal? 

Any material to be disposed of at a waste facility will incur a fee as per current pricing structure from Council. Tip fees are the responsibility of the customer and are in addition to hire costs unless otherwise quoted.

Why do I have to pay extra for a hammer or auger drive?

The extra charge covers part of the cost of service and points of the hammer or augers.

Can I hire a machine to operate myself?

No. All of our machines come with an operator.

Do I need a DA or council approval?

It is your responsibility to check with local council as to any necessary approvals.

What is BYDA (Before You Dig Australia)? 

This is a free service providing information of underground utilities. It is the responsibility of the customer to identify any utilities or underground assets prior to commencing work. See: https://www.byda.com.au/

mudgee property maintenance faqs