Farm Maintenance

Do you need an extra pair of hands around the farm? Does your list of jobs continue to grow but your time doesn’t?

Leaning Oak Enterprises can assist with all aspects of your farm and rural property. We can assist you with farm infrastructure repairs, animal husbandry, weed control, machinery operations and more.

Vegetation Removal and Weed Management

Our skid steer mounted mulching slasher clears large volumes of vegetation such as Sifton Bush and Blackberry as well as regrowth in already cleared areas. Maximise return on your paddocks and increase pasture growth by clearing unwanted or noxious pest species or clear those overgrown tracks on your property. Our mulching slasher is also ideal for clearing new or existing fence lines. We can also assist with cattle grid installation and road construction

Bush Fire Mitigation

Did you know Leaning Oak Enterprises can also assist you with your farm’s bush fire mitigation plan? We can assist in reducing bush fire fuel loads and clearing fire breaks.

Farm Maintenance

Our farm maintenance team is experienced and qualified in a range of roles to assist you in managing your farm.

We service the Mudgee area, Central Tablelands and Mid-Western Region.
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